“Wales, Golf and then Madrid” | A fact sung by your fans

For 34 days, Gareth Bale had not stepped into the pitch, when he was injured against Croatia in the previous international stop, and as usual he returned to appear in the red shirt, We have not seen the Welsh in the white shirt for 42 days. He is out of plans, but that does not concern the Welsh. As we know, he is more interested in playing for Wales than playing for Real Madrid.

On Saturday, the Welsh team played against Azerbaijan in the Euro qualifiers and Gareth Bale played in the first 59 minutes, but let’s not judge him from not playing for Real Madrid since October 5 by arguing that he was injured.

If we consider that the lack of interest in the service of your team and your injury with the national team is not by your hands. Are your statements also not by your own hands? I think that the human being is aware of what he says. Since the beginning of the season and you are attacking the club by saying that the club does not protect you, although that the club you are talking about is still supporting you and treats you like a star, as you arrived.

A few days ago you stated that you are more excited about playing for Wales than playing for Real Madrid. Is that statement also considered an injustice by the media? Or it was an involuntary one?

If you think the media is harsh because it says that you are a golfer or you care about the Welsh team more than Real Madrid, then you should know that your fans themselves wrote the phrase that Mijatovic said about the order of your interests “Wales, golf then Madrid .. in that order” on banners and made a song of it and you must also know that you, yourself, said that you care about the Welsh team more than Real Madrid in your statement “excited to play with Wales more than playing with Real Madrid.”

Gareth, you are dealing with the greatest club in the world. At least control your actions if you can not control your injuries.

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