Much ado about nothing

28 agosto 2019 - 19:27
Much ado about nothing

It all started in 23 April 2017, after Gareth Bale was injured and missed more than one game and then insisted on playing in the Clasico despite doctors advised him not to play, but the player was stubborn with himself and insisted on playing in the Clasico but, as expected, he could not complete even the half of the match where he came out in the 39rd minute and he was substituted by Asensio.

The Clasico ended with a 3-2 loss to Real Madrid, and on the other hand prejudicing Bale on his injury cost him a lot and made him on the bench in Cardiff against Juventus, where Benzema Came out in the 77rd minute and he was substituted by Bale.

It is worth mentioning that after that Clasico, Zidane came out and said nervously that Bale told him that he was ready. But as usual… No fire without smoke.

That season ended and the new season arrived, and the night of the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain arrived where Gareth Bale was on the bench and there were then two unforgettable Situations for the Welsh player with Real Madrid.

The first was when Zidane asked Bale to warm up and get striped to enter the game, but the player was too slow to execute the coach’s orders, and the second was when Ramos asked him to stand to salute the Bernabeu fans, but the Welsh ignored the captain and went straight to the dressing room.

After that game, there was no confidence between Bale and the coach, where the coach counted on him only in La Liga matches but in the Champions League he only played 36 minutes against PSG (in the 2 Legs), then against Juventus the player was throughout the first leg on the bench and in the second leg he started the game but he came out at the start of the second half and was replaced by Asensio, In the semi-final against Bayern Munich he was throughout the first leg on the bench and in the second leg he came in the 72rd minute instead of Karim Benzema.

The final arrived against Liverpool in Kiev and Gareth Bale started the game from the bench but he entered in the 61rd minute instead of Isco, and surprisingly Gareth Bale scored two goals for history despite the marginalization of Zidane to Gareth Bale especially in that tournament.

The summer arrived, and the surprise was the departure of Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo, it was a shock to all the madridistas but for Bale, he felt it was his chance to become the new Leader of the team.

Instead of leading the team, it was almost the worst season for Gareth Bale at Real Madrid. In LaLiga Gareth Bale played in 29 games and started in 21, scoring only 8 and making 3 assists.

Everyone knows what happened that season, Zidane arrived in March to make new plans for the new season and as expected when the pre-season arrived, Gareth Bale was outside the plans of the coach and this was announced by the coach himself as everyone knows.

And indeed, the transfer of Gareth Bale was imminent, he was completely out of Zidane’s plans, he was a step away from moving to Jiangsu, but the market window in China was closed without moving to the Chinese club, also he was on the radar of Tottenham and Manchester United but also the window of the market was closed without moving to any of them.

In training Bale was out of Zidane’s plans, the players were training on the coach’s new plans but Bale was training differently. Everything pointed that they will be out of Real Madrid even Zidane’s statements against him.

All this even the squad list for the first match of Laliga arrived, where Bale appeared, something unbelievable after a long transfer news, and not just appearing in the squad list but also Sparkling in the balaídos.

It is worth mentioning that the player also started against Real Valladolid. Despite Zidane’s statements against him and despite his imminent exit, the player started in Laliga’s first two games.

Currently, there is more than a belief in the sudden change of the situation between Bale and Zidane, either that Zidane opened with the player a new page and the player decided to rise up and return to the old Gareth Bale, or it is a strategy to polish the player to sell him as soon as possible.

There was a big bang all summer between Bale and Zidane, but in the end it seems that the player will stay no matter what the reason is.

Much Ado About Nothing

Photo: The Sun

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