Luka Jovic is not happy

18 octubre 2019 - 14:26
Luka Jovic is not happy

The Serbian player moved to Real Madrid this summer from Eintracht Frankfurt for almost 60 million euros. He arrived to compete with Karim Benzema where he arrived as a marksman striker, scoring 27 goals in approximately 3300 minutes in the previous season with Frankfurt (17 in the German league and 10 in the Europa League).

Jovic arrived at Real Madrid after his numbers put him among the best strikers in the world as he arrived to the capital Madrid when he was ahead of attackers such as Suarez, Kane, Icardi and Griezmann in the rate of scoring goals or making decisive passes through the minutes he played.

Jovic started the season with Real madrid hoping to play and to compete with Karim Benzema , but the contrary has occurred , because the player was in the starting lineup of Zidane only in two games .. against Villarreal and Osasuna and against Osasuna he played a good game , not bad , and he scored a goal but the VAR canceled it .

The strange thing is that those who attack and criticize the Serbian because he has not scored so far, but how will he score and during the 10 games that the team played between the league and the Champions League he was in the starting lineup in only two games and on the other 8 occasions he started from the bench, in 5 times he entered as a Substitute (he entered after 80 minutes in 3 times of them) .. and Even in front of Club Brugge when the team was suffering Zidane preferred Vinicius on the Serbian to look for the equalizer .

How can a player who has played only 3 minutes in the last 3 matches be asked to score or be criticized for not scoring in the last 5 minutes he plays in the game or even for not scoring in the two games he started in?

It did not stop here , because the player was not called to play with his national team in this international break and that one was a shock to the Serbian player because , as the father of the player said , the motto of the national team is something sacred to jovic and the player has recently appeared with some stories on Instagram in which he Indirectly shows that he is desperate.

From inside Serbia, it is said that the player’s surroundings are worried about him and above all we have to analyze the nature of the Serb who go where they find psychological comfort and not the money or the name and size of the club and This is clearly seen in the fact of that most of these players go to Italy and Germany and they are not interested in the money or the names of clubs, whether in France or Spain, the Serb tends to the Serenity , so we find that , with the exception of Jovic , None of the three other Serbian players in Frankfurt has left the club despite all the offers, also we can find Mitrovic happy in Fulham in the English first division and he did not leave despite all the offers .

By following the Serbian players we can find that this is the personality of the Serbian : if he is happy in the place he will not leave it because for them the psychological comfort is a big part of success .

What Jovic has written on Instagram expresses his grief, and in Serbia they also say that someone has contacted Ramadani (the player’s agent) from Jovic’s surroundings to find a solution for the Serbian player.

Everything is possible in football and we saw in the summer the turn of the situation of James Rodriguez, and Jovic still has time to prove himself and against Mallorca it may be the opportunity for Jovic to score his first goal since June, but what‘s more important is to be in the starting lineup.

Photo: Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

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