Almería on fire | 9% growth in season tickets

4 septiembre 2019 - 09:57
Almería on fire | 9% growth in season tickets

Almeria on fire. 9% growth in season tickets and they aim for more. Our sources confirm that Almeria have sold 8700 tickets vs 8000 last season, which means 9% growth so far.

Almeria new owner Turki effect is clear, as he bought many good players mainly Coric and Nunez, who are considered young talents with huge potential.

It’s expected the reach 9000 in 2 weeks, which mean 13% growth.

Turki, the owner, is trying to create his own football and he insists that he is able to create his own philosophy (playing and managerial) styles. He met more than 10 international coaches, some of them are big names. Recently he met the coaches in the photo to finalize last touches before he started to apply it.

Almería coaches Machín meeting

Before this meeting, he with his team analyzed huge number of coaches to choose the best style for the future. He said in his last meeting “he believes in the impossible, he knows it looks difficult but he will try”. He idea to have unique football differentiate his team.

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