“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”

After a disastrous loss from Paris Saint-Germain, the team won at the Sánchez-Pizjuán (0-1) to be the league leaders beside Bilbao, as Real madrid has 11 points from 5 games putting them second on goal difference behind Athletic Bilbao.

It was strange that Zidane started the match at the Sánchez-Pizjuán with the same starting lineup that lost in the French capital, Paris, with only one change: Sergio Ramos instead of Militao.

But the reaction of the players after the disaster in Paris was remarkable as the same players who lost in Paris by 3 goals (except Ramos) won at the Sanchez Pizjuan for the first time since 2015 and they also achieved the first clean sheet for Real madrid at the Pizjuán in 17 years.

There was a big difference between those who appeared in Paris and those who appeared at the Pizjuán , It is true that they are the same names but we saw the intensity , that zidane talked about, and the defensive solidarity that has been absent since the last season, We also saw the team’s clean sheet for the first time since April when the team drew against Getafe (0-0) in Liga 2018-19.

The reaction that appeared at the Pizjuán is the one that was needed by the Madridistas from Zidane, who arrived in March and the madridistas celebrated by his return as if the team won a cup and this is normal because he is the one who achieved the historic trio, yesterday we saw Real Madrid play with severity, intensity and spirit for the first time since the return of Zidane in March, But the most important thing is to continue and not to fall again after two games.

The fans and the club are asking to change the painful reality that happened last season and whether with Zidane or any other they will accept progressing slowly because it is simply Real Madrid, and Zidane must know that the historical trio and his legendary position in Real Madrid will not prevent anyone to ask him “what is happening” because Real Madrid is a club that always requires and “always hungry” as Ramos said yesterday after the game and will not accept to fall for another season, and if Zidane is inside our heart , Real Madrid is the heart itself.

What happened in Sevilla was the result of the self-criticism after what happened in Paris and this is what everyone should always do inside Real Madrid, the match against Sevilla was like a candle in the midst of darkness and a shiny star in the middle of space But the question now is whether the team will continue and that match will be the starting point of victories or will the team fall again? and will zidane accept to sign a new midfielder in the winter or he will repeat the same mistake and continue the season without enough midfielders Because of his stubbornness with himself because of Pogba?

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