In the morning, without midfielders, at the Santiago Bernabeu against Levante

Real Madrid will play against Levante in the fourth round of La Liga on Saturday, tomorrow, it is one of those games that seem easy, but the fact is that Real Madrid did not beat Levante only in one of the last 4 matches between the two teams (2 draws and Levante won once).

In the presence of Zidane as a coach of Real Madrid (during the two periods), he faced Levante 3 times and won in his first match only against them (3-1), and in the last two he drew in each .. Tomorrow Zizou will play for the fourth time against Levante .

The team’s statistics against Levante since 2016, whether in the presence of Zidane or Someone else , are negative statistics and they worsen even more when the two teams play against each other inside the Santiago Bernabéu , as In the last 5 games between the two teams, Real Madrid won only in two games and the two were outside the Santiago Bernabéu and the third match that was outside the Bernabeu ended in a draw , which means that Real Madrid got 7 points out of 9 available points against Levante outside the Bernabéu , and in the two games that were inside the Bernabeu. The two teams drew in a match and Levante won the other game, which means that Real Madrid got one point only out of 6 points available against Levante inside the Bernabeu .

Tomorrow Real Madrid will play against Levante in the Santiago Bernabeu, but there is another handicap facing Real Madrid tomorrow, which is to play before three o’clock in the afternoon (CEST) .. as the team lost last season in all four games played before three o’clock in La Liga, and a game of the four was against Levante in the 9th round (2-1 loss) and it is worth noting that the game was at the Santiago Bernabéu .

In the last 5 games between the two teams in La Liga, Real Madrid played against Levante twice before three o’clock in the afternoon, the two were at one o’clock in the afternoon, in the first match the two teams drew and in the second Real Madrid lost and the two games were inside the Bernabéu as well .

Playing early, at the Santiago Bernabeu and the team’s statistics against Levante are some of the facts and nodes that make any Madridista put doubts about tomorrow’s game, where the game will be played at the Santiago Bernabeu and exactly at one o’clock in the afternoon .

Let’s talk about another issue in tomorrow’s game but it’s a one that will appear in the starting line and it’s the injury of Modric, Isco and Valverde, on the other hand there is James who has just returned from injury and Casemiro, who only participated in one training session after the international break and finally appears Toni Kroos , who is the only midfielder who is considered fully ready .

Zidane is expected to start the game tomorrow against levante with Casemiro, James and Kroos in the midfield because they are the only available midfielders to the coach for tomorrow’s game, at least.

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